Tips of being a successfull freelance developer


To work as a developer in an e commerce agency is hard and sometimes difficult.
There are a lots of projects and some of them with no specific deadlines.  Do you wonder if you can handle the pressure and work as a freelancer?
Read some advice to help you take the right decision

Make a good pricing offer.
The majority of the clients will choose you in comparison to other businesses due to your value for money.

Be ready to multitask.
An e commerce project requires multiple elements to work simultaneously. The last thing you want is a website being held up because the client didn’t know they had to sign up for a payment gateway, write a privacy policy and input their product information.
Be honest with deadlines.
You must keep your clients happy and when you don’t deliver on your promises in time that’s not a good way earn their trust.  Learn all information you need and calculate all of unacceptable things  and set a deadline and stay in it.

Maintenance charges:
E commerce is a different challenge compared to your run-of-the-mill ‘brochure’ websites; rarely a client will take their ready to go online store and vanish without a backward thought. Online sellers are always seeking an edge over their competitors, which invariably leads to website maintenance, updates and improvements. Build this in at the start of the process and it will lead to an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship. Non-e commerce websites will also likely need maintenance so make sure you charge for this too.

By exis

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