Live Captions and Subtitles are now available in Skype Calls from Microsoft


A brand new era in Skype Calls has announced Microsoft ads live captions and subtitles for people who are deaf or have hearings problems .
The new call captioning with live captions and subtitles featureσ works on the latest skype version, and it’s available in one-on-one calls with friends, coworkers, etc. However, it is also available in calls to ordinary phone numbers as well as group calls.

Live captions and subtitles can be activated  easily for a single call or for multiple ones and Microsoft says they “are optimized to be fast, continuous, and contextually updated as people speak.” Furthermore, “the captions and subtitles auto-scroll” within a call. Soon, Microsoft will roll out additional viewing options, like the ability “to scroll through them in their own side window.”

Also, the translations it will soon support over 20 languages and dialects, so “whether you’re learning a new language, having a tough time understanding your friend from across the world, or attending a meeting that is not in your native tongue, our new translations will help keep you up to speed.”


By exis

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