Learn how to focus on your user needs.


One of the most important aspect that can be change in the design work reviews is the focus on user needs.

Perks for designers
The best road you can take to build a common design vision strategy and philosophy in the business design is involving designers from different product teams in the review of all the products that an organization releases .Team working is a great way to increase brainstorming, share knowledge and build strong bonds with your colleagues.  

Point out the problems, find solutions.
Finding solutions is the next step. The discussion must be much more intensive when we have spotting the problem.

Checklists are essential .
Be prepared to face any difficulties by using checklists .
Checklists are a very powered tool that you can freely use.

Track your results.
After you have reviewed your formal designs you should logged them into a release system while you have appropriately labeled them.

Be approved .
Don’t afraid to be reviewed by an executive design team because is the most important final stage


By exis

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