Do you want to give your designs a human touch?


Create your own vector illustrations with a new work of Pablo Stanley, Humaaans.
With Humaaans you can customize illustrated people even if you don’t know how to draw.

The best solution if you can’t afford to commission an illustrator to create bespoke designs, then you might have to resort to stock art, and you might not manage to find exactly the look you want.
Pablo Stanley is a designer at Invision and create Humaaans to help people to built easily a vector art illustrations. It’s free and it doesn’t matter if you have not artistic skills.

Basically, it’s a library for Invision Studio, designed to help you create mix-and-match illustrations and people animations. Humaaans give you lots of choices for clothing, hairstyles and backgrounds and all of the above are ready for you to fit together.

So if you’re not an InVision user, you can download a wep app that enables you to do just that, it’s not as complicated as working in InVision, so you can’t rotate things, but you can move, resize and move to back/front and then download your design as a JPG or a PNG with a transparent background.

By exis

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