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Learn how to focus on your user needs.


One of the most important aspect that can be change in the design work reviews is the focus on user needs. Perks for designers The best road you can take to build a common design vision strategy and philosophy in the business design is involving designers from different product teams in the review of all the products that an organization releases .Team working is a great way to increase...

Optimize your energy to succeed  in Time management.


Do your work when you feel more focused and inspired ? No one works the same at all hours of the day especially when we have  lots of things in our to do list. That’s why we have to schedule our work based on our mood, when we feel more capable anything we do can have better results. You are not a robot! Technology should make our lives easier but sometimes we forget that we are not machines and...

Live Captions and Subtitles are now available in Skype Calls from Microsoft


A brand new era in Skype Calls has announced Microsoft ads live captions and subtitles for people who are deaf or have hearings problems . The new call captioning with live captions and subtitles featureσ works on the latest skype version, and it’s available in one-on-one calls with friends, coworkers, etc. However, it is also available in calls to ordinary phone numbers as well as group calls...

Do you want to give your designs a human touch?


Create your own vector illustrations with a new work of Pablo Stanley, Humaaans. With Humaaans you can customize illustrated people even if you don’t know how to draw. The best solution if you can’t afford to commission an illustrator to create bespoke designs, then you might have to resort to stock art, and you might not manage to find exactly the look you want. Pablo Stanley is a designer at...

In 2020 Google will say goodbye to Hangouts.


A few years ago Google replaces the Hangout app with Allo and Duo to offer their consumers a new chatting experience. All began when all Android Apps remain functional and updated, but Hangouts didn’t and that’s how understand that the end of the this app is near. In the coming year Google it’s likely to wind down the app and give people the time to change their service. Google Allo has now...

Tips of being a successfull freelance developer


To work as a developer in an e commerce agency is hard and sometimes difficult. There are a lots of projects and some of them with no specific deadlines.  Do you wonder if you can handle the pressure and work as a freelancer? Read some advice to help you take the right decision Make a good pricing offer. The majority of the clients will choose you in comparison to other businesses due to your...

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